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Issue 6 cover-1

In this issue you will find...

This Issue came together after deciding to interview Letitsha Singh, our cover model who describes dealing with a disability and being rejected from jobs. Letitsha started her own business instead and stayed strong through everything she was facing. This piece on discrimination led to a personal development article about dealing with harassment and discrimination in the workplace and how to recognize signs of it. We’ve also included a section on girls’ education and women’s rights with a feature of a clothing brand called La Petite Écolière and an interview with Kiran Kumar from Crossbow Miles, a non-profit organization in India that has recently branched to Canada. Next is our #metoomovement section about sexual assault, abuse and rape with personal stories from women that have dealt with this. There’s an interview with Ashwin Gandhi, a supporter of women’s rights and a feature of a clothing brand called KONSNT, focused on awareness of sexual consent. You’ll see some stunning photography throughout this section from Local Antidote. Our health section contains a short piece on PTSD, the background and treatment options, along with our signature cartoons related to menstruation.                                                                                              

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