July 18, 2018

Evolving Through Loving Yourself – Kalista Gauvreau: Miss Alberta World 2018

You know the little voice in your head that tells you when you’ve eaten enough cookies? Or maybe when you’ve passed your spending budget and still want to buy those trendy new heels? That little voice we all ignore when it’s cheat day or we’re feeling rebellious?
She’s that logic voice that sometimes reminds us of our mother, because she’s always right! I constantly reminded myself that listening to that voice of instinct would strengthen my personal growth and development. What I had learned from personal experience is that the secret ingredient to personal growth was finding something that you are passionate about enough to make the necessary changes in your life to blossom and bring your dreams within reach.



Knowing how to benefit yourself mentally and physically is a great start to personal development and self-love. Mental aspects could be going for a morning run to clear your head, meditating, or speaking to yourself positively. Physical aspects of self-love could be working out, eating healthy or moisturizing your skin. These are all examples of self-love and personal growth techniques to help you evolve.
Making small to large improvements in your daily life will allow you to grow every single day. It can be anything from gaining confidence in yourself, listening more, cutting a toxic person out of your life or being positive! Personal growth is meeting the personal goals that we set for ourselves.
Self-love is something that we all define in our own unique ways. An important part about loving yourself and personal development is having self-awareness. Being able to observe and recognize your feelings, and knowing the relationship between thought, feeling and reactions is an important aspect of self-improvement. It allows you the knowledge to love yourself in the correct ways, and understanding what is best for you personally. This will put you on the right path to personal growth and becoming the very best version of yourself.
Image from FemEvolve Issue 2 (Valentines Day/Self-love). Model: Ayesha Sehra. Photographer: Simone Lyn
Being given the title of Miss Alberta World 2018 and the amazing opportunity to represent Canada has gifted me with the push I needed to become the very best version of myself and realize my true potential. It has given me an opportunity to be involved with my community, to practice my public speaking and to gain knowledge and first-hand business experience. I feel myself blossoming in the right direction and growing every day. I have learned so much over the past few months about promoting myself, how to gain sponsors, how to carry myself professionally and how to create relationships with others. All with the help of my self-love and personal growth routines to keep me on top of my game.
Being a titleholder allows me a larger audience to voice my platform of self-love. A healthy piece of mind is your root to success and a healthy piece of mind comes from loving yourself. Knowing what’s best for you and creating realistic goals to guide you will help you to become the greatest version of yourself. This opportunity has been my ladder to success and has truly given me the chance to inspire the world.


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  • Mattea Henderson

    4:34 pm, July 19, 2018

    Kalista, self love is hard to acquire in our oh-so judgemental society. Having passion about something I found does teach you to love yourself because it gives you an opportunity to grow. Congratulations!