June 14, 2018

An Afternoon Above the Crowd with CanEggs Egg White Powder

Guest post from Rob Campbell of SmoJoe



On Saturday, June 9, 2018, a dozen creative people conducting a lifestyle products photoshoot on the top floor of a luxury condominium at 38 Joe Shuster Way in Toronto peered down on a monumental rugby game happening below in Lamport Stadium, and FemEvolve was there to capture and record a perspective on this historic occasion.



That afternoon, everyone gathered to make powdered egg white powder products for both health and beauty purposes.
Caneggs Egg White Powder is a Clean Protein Option
The internet has changed the way people order their groceries and consume food in general. Mobile apps have revolutionized meal delivery service and now the web is changing or refining the composition of food itself. New ingredients like powdered egg whites have recently come on the market and offer a healthy protein source for athletes, muscle-builders and consumers who shy away from eating red meat but still seek protein-rich diets. These alternatives promise to grow more popular as our modern society seeks clean and efficient new protein sources.


Sam from CanEggs Canadian Egg White Powder
The strawberry-kiwi blend with yogurt and honey


CanEggs Canadian egg white powder is exactly as it sounds – egg whites separated from the yolks, sprayed through fine-nozzles and kiln dried in the air (spray dried) until the natural substance (albumen, a fine powder) can be scooped-up and added to meals as instant protein. 



About to try a new smoothie blend!


At 4:30 pm Amico’s Pizza delivered some pizza, but no drinks were included in the order. Recognizing a new demand for beverages, Martin Dasko, the finance blogger behind Studenomics got busy at the blender whipping-up Black Cherry smoothies and real pineapple with coconut milk blends that were Pina Coladas like you’ve never tasted before. One scoop of the powder adds a real boost to the juice.



The pale-yellow powder is 100% pure concentrated egg white powder. 100 grams of egg white powder dissolved in 700 g of water is equivalent to approximately 800 g of fresh egg white protein. The ladies were making beauty masks and snapping magazine quality photos of themselves during the experience. Jennifer Turner of Modern Makeup led the group doing egg white powder face masks, and she documented her best recipe on her makeup tips blog.


Jennifer Turner with Alice Li, Miss World Ontario 2018 and an upcoming Miss World Canada participant


Velago Patio Furniture donated a Ronco outdoor sofa to the display lounge on the balcony. This is another Canadian company battling big box stores to help our citizens better enjoy the great outdoors and thereby elevate their quality of life. Made from durable all-weather resin wicker and other high-quality materials, Velago’s outdoor patio furniture sets have a reputation for keeping their shape and surviving the toughest weather conditions on the planet – icy cold Canadian winters and scorching hot summers.


The Rugby Game



Toronto Wolfpack beat the London Broncos from start to finish, winning 32-12. According to the Wolfpack’s Twitter feed, there were 7343 people inside the Lamport Stadium that afternoon, and now you know there were another dozen two hundred feet in the air with a healthy view of the game.
Each guest at the photoshoot was all smiles, leaving with a brand new blender, giving them the chance to make their own smoothies and try out recipes using CanEggs Egg White Powder in the comfort of their homes too!



Photos courtesy of: Rob Campbell and Jason Lau of eMagTO 

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