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Our Story

FemEvolve magazine started due to founder Christina Paruag’s experiences with a chronic condition called endometriosis. She was bed-ridden for almost three weeks every month until she underwent a laparoscopic surgery to be diagnosed. After her surgery, her symptoms improved, however she was still in quite debilitating pain. There were such limited resources for women with endometriosis, leading to so much confusion. Tremendous pain overcame her body on an almost daily basis and many doctors claimed they could only provide limited treatment options. The fight against this condition lead to her passion for women’s health and wellness. To read more about endometriosis and her experience, check out her interview with easy period here.
In September of 2016, after the condition began to affect her kidney function, Christina decided to start a scientific-based health magazine for women. Using her background in medical physics and research related experience, FemEvolve began, as a magazine that challenges taboo topics while providing researched content that is broken down into actionable steps. This magazine pushes the boundaries of what real, researched information is, while incorporating authentic and true experiences women have faced.
Our team is composed of professionals from different health, wellness and personal development fields. It’s written by real people with real experiences.
FemEvolve aims to leave each woman reading it to feel empowered, in control of their health and stress and confident in both their inner and outer beauty and abilities.

Meet the Team

Christina Paruag

Christina Paruag is the founder and editor of FemEvolve. She is a medical physics student and researcher, with a current interest in breast cancer. She also has previous neurology related research experience. With multiple years of creative writing experience, Christina uses her science background and passion for writing to deliver high-quality written content. When she's not working on FemEvolve, you can find her spending time with her fur baby Max and singing.

Hannah Stinson

Creative Director, Design and Illustration
Hannah Stinson designs the beautifully put together magazine pages that are FemEvolve magazine. She also does a number of illustrations. She has a Bachelor of Design in Fashion Communication and is planning on pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts. Her background is in web, graphic and ad design, and social media in the retail and wedding industries. She previously worked as an art director for McClung's and as an illustrator for Folio magazine. Hannah's involvement with FemEvolve stems from her own experiences with endometriosis, which she aims to raise awareness about through her Instagram: @lovethyladyparts.

Simone Lyn

Lead Photographer
Simone Lyn uses brilliant techniques to capture the essence of FemEvolve through photography. She is a portrait and commercial photographer specializing in headshot, lifestyle and natural light food photography. Her work has graced bridal magazines, book covers and corporate branding online and print. She lives in the greater Toronto area with her daughter and dreams of traveling around the world doing photography for commercial brands.

Lydia-Joi Marshall MSc.

Writer: Women's Health and Genetics
Lydia-Joi Marshall uses her background in biology and human genetics to write our educational health content. Currently, she is a guest blogger, wellness ambassador and clinical advisor for Avazera and works in tissue donation for Trillium Gift of Life, producing a provincial newsletter. She volunteers for OneMatch, helping donation registrants. She is also a board member for several community health groups where she advocates on behalf of women and miniorites for equal health care and education. Her previous writing experience is related to oncology. She is a mother of one brilliant little boy who reminds her to question everything and always be prepared.

Milveen Eke-Allen

Writer: Personal Development
Milveen Eke-Allen writes the wonderful and inspiring content that fills our personal development section. She has been writing and blogging for approximately three years, being a contributor to platforms such as Reader's Digest, Zapier and Ask Wonder. She currently works as a Content Marketing Analyst where she works closely with businesses to develop and grow their online presence with content. She has an avid interest in entrepreunship and self-care which she pursues through her self-care subscription box for women.

Jean-Michel Pollak

Jean-Michel creates the thoughtful and humorous cartoons that grace our magazine pages. With his wife, Trine Mikkelsen, he is the co-founder of Mumsa.ca, a consulting and communications company. He is a hobby cartoonist in support of Trine’s menstrual health website, trineveissmikkelsen.com. His favourite pastime (besides spending time with his girls!) would be his love of making great things happen with great people. He sees his little messages as a small effort at making it a kinder world for his and our daughters.

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